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Hi! I am sorry for not posting. (For nearly a year!) I am really bad. 8(
At lest i am back!

Daddy's birthday was last friday. But he had his party on saturday.
I finished the Twilight series. (In about a week!) 8D
We are doing national tests in school.

Week 25 Uncle Johnny and Aunt Simone are coming to visit us, we're cannoing and going to Bohuslän. (The province over Skåne)
The next week (when they are gone) we are going to Holland to meet some of mommy's old college friends.

I have some questions for you!

What is your favorite Movie?
What would you do if you won a million dollars?
What is your favorite book?

And lastly:
Witch of these questions did you like best? 8D

(And i really am sorry for not posting for so long!)
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Calvin flush

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We are in Germany at my uncle Johnny's and aunt simone's new house.
It's really nice and pretty. We came here from Paris Two days ago,
We where in Paris for three days.
We went to the Eiffel tower the first night.
The second day we went to Euro Disney all day long,
i bought a t-shirt and a bracelet for my girlfriend.
The last day we went all over Paris,
we went to the Arc D'Triomphe, then we walked down the Champs Elysees,we saw the outside of the louvre and and we went to Notre Dame.
I'll Write more about the trip later because i have to go to bed.
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lego martin

Happy Birthday Karin and great grandma!!

The thirteenth of July was Karin's birthday.
She got lots of Sweden/soccer stuff.
I gave her a soccer ball that's white with Sweden symbols.

Tomorrow where going on the trip to paris,
i cant wait!!

Today is my great grandma's birthday!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I have another question for you:
What is your favorite day of the week?
Mine is friday Because it's the last day of school.
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Calvin flush

Back Again

I'm so sorry about not posting (for almost a year)!

So this is what has been happening lately:
We have got a pool,
we went to our grandparents
and i've ben practicing my biking(i know how to bike;
i'm just not very good at it).

In the end of july we are going to paris for three days,
where going to see the Eiffel tower and go to Euro Disney!!!!
I'm hoping on going to the louvre.

After that we are going to Germany to see our uncle Johnny and aunt Simone.
We are going to Bali(not the island Bali but an indoor pool in Germany).
We've looked at it at youtube and it looked really cool.

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baby Martin

Carl von linné

Yesterday i went with my sister and my dad to Råshult where linne was born.

We saw the house that linne was born in.

Daddy boght a bok thats called Carl von linné

I took pictures and here are some:

Linneaus' home

Corncrib at Linneaus' farm

wallpainting inside Linneaus' home
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Calvin flush

Old cars

Yesterday Karin, daddy and I went to an old car gathering.

There were lots of cool cars, there were green cars and white cars, big cars and little cars and lots of red and blue cars.

A lot of them were from America, Yay! ! ! ! !

I took pictures, and here are some

blue car

red car

blue car

red truck

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I'm sorry that i haven't ben writing on my journal in the last few months.

I'm always very busy this time of the year.

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baby Martin


Yesterday i went to Circus Maximum in sibbarp They had Elephants, poodles, acrobats and much more.

It was fun, Karin and my grandma from the swedish side of the family went to the circus with me.

Our uncle Johnny is here he is gonna stay to weeks ! Today where going to Skånesdjurpark but it is raining so we probably not gonna go on 

the water slides. Today is mommy's birthday she got a necklace.
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